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Ozone Connect Wing Harness V2

$223.00 $278.00


A streamlined, lightweight harness for riders looking for high levels of comfort and support. Now locking into position more securely, versatility is maintained with a new sliding hook and two leash / QR connection points.

The Connect Wing V2 is an all-new, lightweight, full support harness that focuses purely on the needs of the rider; nothing more. .

The sliding hook allows your body to rotate freely and is much more comfortable when riding toeside. There is less rotational force through the harness and it will remain centred on your body.

The sliding hook can also be moved to the side and folded down if you need to lie on your board to paddle, or to re-mount the board if you find that difficult with the hook in front of you.

The harness shell is tougher and features an inner neoprene layer that locks into position on a rider’s back, providing excellent support, but also more comfort with the soft internal foam padding.