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Only fully registered Wellington Kitesurf Academy on the Kapiti Coast! 45 mins from the Wellington CBD.

Wellington Kite Jam 2020

Wellington Kite Jam will be back in 2021: Window opens Saturday 4th Sept - Sunday 26th September.

THANK YOU for being a part of Wellington Kite Jam 2020!

Final results:


Winner: Wade Keys

2nd: Eve-ellen Skewes

3rd: Malachi Ray

Ladies Open

Winner: Rogina de Jong

2nd: Ilka Kapica  

3rd: Eve-ellen Skewes 

Spring Chickens (two seasons or less)

Winner: Rory Fleming

2nd: Anna Pasakova


Winner: Steve Owers

2nd: Dev Celik

3rd: Trevor Robinson

4th: : Craig Boodee

Veterans (Mens final)

Winner: Ryan Hunt

2nd: Justin Grobler

3rd: Adam Vasta

Rider of the Day (Peoples Vote): Adam Vasta

Highest Woo recorded (Single day, Ngati Toa Domain): Steve Owers (14.4m, Ozone Edge)

Huge thank you to all of those that participated, from the riders to the volunteers.  It may be a cliche but it's true when we say it can't be done without you!

Sponsor Contact Phone Address
NZ MEP Darren Littlewood 027 209 8118 99 Main Rd, Tawa, 5028, Wellington
Radiance Health Products Vanessa Blackmore 027 260 0499  Lower North Island
Jet Electrical Solutions Scott Collins 021 463 926 Wellington
Tuatara Brewery Carl Vasta Wellington
Ugo Kiteboarding Jaz Heperi 021 838 449 Wellington


Finals at 12:30pm! 

21 Knots. Wet and windy. 

” You know what’s cool about this event Dad? It can’t be cancelled by wind or rain.”


Note: Entries close Thursday 3rd Sept 10pm.

Will need Lockdown L2 or lower as a prerequisite for event execution. 


Window opens 5th September Spring Closes 27th September. (Weekend days only)

Location (Best locale on the day-Click here )

Wellington High Five: Waikanae, Mana (Whitireia), Petone, Seatoun, Lyall Bay.

Current location according to the conditions is: Mana


9am All Riders report to Rally Flag (Click on or zoom on Purple Flags)
9:30am Heats kick off (in order of Divisions list, see below)
12pm Finals (With Award ceremony at Rally point immediately afterward.)
1pm onward

Expression Session (Voting and awards will be video awarded and posted)


 *Note: Times may vary slightly according to conditions and rider numbers, please be present at all times if you are a rider.  

Cost $20

Day One

Competition: 10 - 15 min heats.

1. Twin Tip(TT) 

Skills comp. Best 3 moves (Can be the same move)

Judging Criteria: 

TT Judging Criteria: 

Skill Jump or pop, Jump or pop with a rotation or grab =1, w/Rotation/grab = 2  and kiteloop of some sort =3

Intensity Limited to no body control = 1, body unbalanced = 2, full control = 3

Completion Crash out = 1 Fluke it/Land it = 2, Stomp it = 3

Kite Kite crash = 1 , Kite slightly out of control = 2, Fluid control of the kite = 3


Teens (13 - 19 yrs) Guys and Gals

Spring Chickens (Noobs) Open age limit



Veterans (20 - 39)



Masters (40+)




2. Expression Session (ES) Big Air

Judging Criteria - (Device recording and Voting system)

Woo (Highest jump of the day)

People’s Choice (One vote from every person on or off the water) 

Day Two

You will receive a text message for a fun location and free riding should a second day of wind be available.


TT Heats

Competition Map (Click here)

Heat 1 9:20am

 Masters Semi 1
Dev Celik
Carl Vasta
Trevor Robinson

Heat 2 9:35am

Masters Semi 2
Luis Rubio
Steve Owers
Craig Boodee


Heat 3 9:50am

Spring Chickens (Final only)
Anna Pasakova
Rory Fleming- Winner


Heat 4 10:05am

Veterans Semi 1 (Men)
Roman Stehlik
Ben Jones
Ryan Hunt


Heat 5 10:20am

Veterans Semi 2 (Men)
Daniel Romero
Justin Grobler
Michal Falatas


Heat 6 10:35am

Veterans Semi 3 (Men)
Michal Planka
David Brownless
Adam Vasta


 Heat 7 10:50am

Teens Final
Wade Keys. 1st
Eve-ellen Skewes 2nd
Malachi Ray 3rd


 Heat 8 11:05am

Ladies Open (Vets)
Ilka Kapica 2nd 
Anna Pasakova
Rogina de Jong 1st
Eve-ellen Skewes 3rd


Heat 9 12:00pm

Top two from Masters Semi Heats (1&2)

 Masters Final
1. Steve Owers 1st
2. Dev Celik 2nd 
3. Craig Boodee 4th
4. Trevor Robinson 3rd


Heat 10 12:15pm

Top rider from Each Vet Semi (4,5&6)

Veterans Men Final
1.Ryan Hunt 1st
2.Justin Grobler 2nd
3. Adam Vasta 3rd


Rider of the Day (Peoples choice by vote) - Adam Vasta

Highest Woo Jump 5th September, Ngati Toa: Steve Owers 14.4m, Ozone Edge.

Small Prize Giving Immediately after Finals at the Rally Point.

1pm Expression Session.