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Only fully registered Wellington Kitesurf Academy on the Kapiti Coast! 45 mins from the Wellington CBD.


"You are what you do, not what you 'say you will do'."

Next Course: 6th-10th October 2021 

Why would I become an Instructor?  

At Wellington Kite Academy we are always in need of Instructors to guide and students and build our community in a positive, collaborative, and constructive manner.

Maybe you simply want to grow your knowledge and begin to identify those bad habits you didn't know you had.

Maybe you simply want to be safer and have a wider understanding of your favourite sport.

Maybe a gap year or working holiday as a Kite Instructor is appealing.

The Wellington Kite Academy offer's a quality course with a balance of theory and practical skills over 5 days.  Content includes:

  • Current and relevant kitesurfing pedagogy
  • Successful practices 
  • Equipment knowledge and use
  • History
  • Kitesurfing physics
  • Environment
  • A chance to practice your skill
  • Positive etiquette
All delivered in fun and enjoyable 'bite sized chunks' to ensure learning and progressing is a blast.  

How much? $1250


  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR certificate or complete it before the ITC. 
  • Be able to read, write and speak fluently in the language the course is given.
  • Sign the the KitesurfNZ waiver form.

    What will you receive?

    KitesurfNZ:South Pacific Boardriders (SPB) Level One Qualification.  This enables you to Instruct at a range of Kite schools throughout NZ and around the world.  We have special connections with South Pacific Islands where we can recommend and organise locations for employment even before you leave Aotearoa.  

    We also offer Instructor Graduates regular work in order to gain important hours to sharpen and improve your skills.

    We can also organise accommodation and food at an extra cost.


    Where are we?

    Lessons are in Wellington: Whitby/Pauatahanui.  Practicals are mostly held in Waikanae but can also be held at a range of beach locations throughout Wellington