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Only fully registered Wellington Kitesurf Academy on the Kapiti Coast! 45 mins from the Wellington CBD.

Kitesurfing Lessons: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wellington Kitesurfing Academy (WKA)

1. How does the process work?

We will message you when it's windy and time slots are available.

If you are able to attend a session, simply text back the time you desire.  We will confirm this with a reply and meet you on location.  (If conditions change, you will be notified.)

If you are unable to attend a session, there is no need to reply.  We will continue to message you until ALL lessons are fulfilled.

We book up to two students per instructor and one kite. 


2. If I buy a course/lesson, does it have an expiry date?

2 Years

2 Years:  While you may take as little or as long as you like to complete your lessons, in your time and at your leisure, we have a limit of 2 years to complete lesson in order to motivate the prioritisation of lessons.  If you need an extension, let us know and well negotiate a solution with you.


3. When are sessions/lessons available?

Tawhiri Matea

As long as the conditions are appropriate, we offer sessions/lessons every day, all year!  Generally speaking, most lesson will be weekends and some afternoons according to Instructor and your availability.

If you have specific days to fit your schedule, let us know and we will try to accommodate these, and prioritise those particular days for you where possible. 


4. Where are lessons held?

We meet at Waikanae Beach Carpark. (Small carpark entry at the cnr of Waiheke st and Tutere st.)

Lessons are at Waikanae Beach. Click on the map button below.

5. Do you supply all gear?

We supply EVERYTHING.  You bring the positive attitude and smiles!

We have wetsuits designed to keep you warm and safe throughout your lesson.

Our extensive range of Ozone Catalyst kites are quality, user friendly and fun to use.  Students may purchase wetsuits and all equipment through kitesurfNZ if you'd like to have your own warm gear to kick off your lessons with.


6. Do you have gear for purchase?

We have a massive and extensive range of quality and sharp looking gear. From wetsuits, boards and kites, to harnesses, impact vests and helmets. If it's not in, we can usually source your needs overnight.  Any longer and we inform you immediately.


7. I'm in. Sign me up!  How do I get started?


Purchase a full kitesurfNZ course.



Purchase a single KitesurfNZ lesson





Please note: We predict the wind, we don’t make it. Lessons can be completed in three consecutive days if conditions allow. It could potentially take much longer if you have work or time restrictions. Kitesurfing requires a lot of patience. 

General wind conditions required:

Lesson 1: 12 knot Northerly/NorWest of wind or better.

Lesson 2-3: 14-25 knot Northerly/NorWest.

Wind conditions compared to the city are very different. Once lessons are complete, Wellington offers a plethora of locations to advance your riding progression!