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The 2017 AXIS New Wave continues for another year as one of the marquee AXIS products. The New Wave is a very unique kite-surfboard and is one of our most popular boards to so many different groups of riders. The New Wave offers amazing versatility, being used as a twin fin, a skimboard with no fins, fully finned in the waves, as a flat water board, a light wind board, for learners, for pros, with straps, strapless, or flat water freestyle. This is a board worthy of the creative rider who shreds outside the square. This is the easiest and most stable surfboard you will ever use to learn those jibes, and the most advanced board for wicked freestyle surf moves.

The New Wave is based on a PVC core, with paulownia rails, and is glassed with a unique infusion lamination process. The surface of the board is all EVA, giving great foothold, an improved feel for the board, and cushioned landings.

The New Wave is very strong and flexible thus providing a super comfortable ride. This board is equally suited to riding small waves or freestyle with uniquely raised rails for aerial grabs and flat water trickery.

Our global team mostly uses the AXIS New Wave strapless but the board is also compatible with AXIS adjustable surf straps until you find your feet.

The 2017 AXIS New Wave 5’4″ has been optimized for quad fin setup. It comes complete with the AXIS high performance quad fins. Surf Straps are optional.