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Only fully registered Wellington Kitesurf Academy on the Kapiti Coast! 45 mins from the Wellington CBD.

Kiters of New Zealand: Wellington

Posted on June 11 2018

Kiters of Wellington

A family man with a passion for 'craft beer' and home brewing, Carl (a craft-beer expert in his own right) birthed Tuatara beer, literally, out of his backyard. As the demand grew, so too did the business.  Carl has since sold his share in Tuatara but contracts out and still proudly takes friends on a tour through the brewing process. Brewing on a grand scale yet not too dissimilar from the original process he pioneered.  

A single lesson under their belts, Carl took his two sons to the water and they learned to kitesurf together. The anecdotes are endless and range from obvious proud moments to mind boggling hilarity. 

'The Boys' (Adam and Caleb), accomplished riders in their own right, now wakeboard more than they kitesurf, but on the odd occasion, you'll still spot them on the water, ripping and riding. 

This interview was more fun because Scott (Spotty) Collins, Carl's long time, kitesurfing buddy was present (and answered for Carl) as we all sat down for a beer after a session out on the water at Waikanae.  We will interview 'Spotty' at some stage and a few of the other Kapiti Coast Crew in time to come (so Carl can get his own back) but for now….

Handle: Carl Vasta

Nickname: Red Stag, Fanta Pantz

For a crust, I: Brew Beer

Scotty: …Well you claim it as a job but you actually just travel and yap… So, what does it actually say on the Tuatara contract? Brand Ambassador?

Carl: Well, it actually says Executive Brand Ambassador for Tuatara.

Tours of duty around the Sun: 53 and a half.

Years at the bar: Scotty: 53!

Carl: 2008 - 10 years. I learnt with my boys.

Fav weapon and size: Scotty: Out of your arsenal of 37 kites!..

Carl: I'm enjoying my Ozone 9m Hyperlink.

Switch 9m or 10m Legacy.

Scotty: How's ya landing [of foil kites] going? Imitates Carl riding on the water, "…Get the f@ck outta my way!"

Trusty stead: AXIS Vanguard 139

Had lessons?: 1x 3hr lesson with Stafford (Kapiti Xtreme)

Local kite spot: Waikanae

Most exotic location kited: Zanzibar, Hood River, Squamish, Rarotonga.

Scotty: Foxton? Parongahau?

Dream location: Tarifa. Greek Islands.  If Belgium was near the coast it would be awesome because they have good beer.

Scotty: Holland?

Kiting style: AWESOME!….Freeride….. Vasta Style, Seek-Destroy-and-Chaos.

Scotty (laughing), frigid. Carl: NO!!  Drunken Monkey?

Favourite kite jam: Back roll kite loop….

Scotty:… to face drag then getting halfway around and using his face to brake.

Current kite progression (move that you’re working on): Scotty: Staying upwind.

Carl: Jumping (with the Hyperlink).

I ate sh#t when: EVERYDAY [I kitesurf]!  

Rescued by an inflatable (IRB) at Lyall Bay.

I've had some bad line break days.

Scotty: Outpouring Pipe at Lyall Bay...

Carl: ….I was setting up my kite on the beach and a surge of water came in and flushed me up against the grate in the stormwater pipe at Lyall Bay!

Scotty: Landing your kites in trees at Mana….not around 'Blaise's lamp post' but on 'Carls Tree'.  Landing all the Tuatara (Signwritten) kites on car rooves [including his two sons] and a fisherman yelling, "What the F#@k?!"

Lika-Boss moment: Three Vasta's (Carl and his two sons) at Waikanae and all riding in good wind, 27 beers and a few pizza's.

Big jump at Lyall bay on a good ramp and getting that second lift.  Looking down on the roof of Maranui.

I can’t wait until….: Scotty: I can go upwind.  Or I can finish a session without getting my butt wet.

Carl smiling: I can foil [board].

Number one kite tip: Scotty: Perseverance.

Carl: Kite with someone else.  The Buddy System is a good idea.

Have a beer afterwards.

Scotty: Yep, Beer afterwards.


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